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Graded Disney Dollars

View our Collection of noted from 1987 - 2014

When looking into Disney Dollars, many people prefer those authenticated by professional grading services who evaluate the quality and condition of notes. Once graded, notes are placed in protective holders with anti-counterfeiting features. Many collectors look for graded notes by reputable organizations such as PMG and Legacy Currency (Formerly PCGS). At JNP Disney, we rely on PMG to authenticate and grade our notes' condition. Depending on the notes rarity and grade these can cost a premium as they are highly sought after. There is a justifiable demand for the graded Disney Dollars.  A graded note removes the tremendous risk associated with purchasing or owning a non-graded note. Graded notes have been authenticated and the quality has been guaranteed by a trusted 3rd party,  therefore, commanding  greater values which tends to go up over time as these notes are no longer being produced. 

Educate yourself and enjoy the collecting experience!

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