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Recreation Coupons

Recreation Coupons were for use at the Walt Disney World Resort, but "Not Valid in the Magic Kingdom." They could be used in lieu of cash towards golf, boating, water skiing, bicycling, horseback riding, archery, or children's activity programs. They could not be redeemed or cash at any time. They were issued in 'Series 1971 A' and 'Series 1972 A.' As the promotion was predominantly for the opening of the Resort, the majority were distributed in 1971 with limited quantities released in 1972.

The Recreation Coupons were issued in a $1 denomination. Each has a unique Serial Number. They feature the face of Mickey Mouse, the Mickey Walt Disney World logo (at that time), and an impression of Cinderella Castle. The reverse has vignettes of the Tom Sawyer Steamboat and Cinderella Castle. While there is a stunning resemblance to a dollar bill, the Recreation Coupon was not considered a corporate scrip like the succeeding Disney Dollars.

Educate yourself and enjoy the collecting experience!

Even though done in a very limited run. These notes are extremely rare and collectible. The 1972 version is more valuable as the quantities were more limited, but it doesn't take away from the scarcity of either of the years. See our selection of items below.

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