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The History of Tokyo Gift Cards (Yen)

Learn about Tokyo Notes created in 1988 - Current

When Disney produced the first Disney Dollars in 1987, OLC did not have access to the minting process.  The success of the Disney Dollars did not go unnoticed as OLC came up with its own version of notes specifically for Tokyo Disneyland in 1988.  Like Disney Dollars, they also had individual serial numbers.  The original Tokyo Gift Cards are considered the First Series.

On September 4, 2001, Tokyo DisneySea (東京ディズニーシー) opened as the sister park of Tokyo Disneyland (東京ディズニーランド). These parks, along with the hotels and shopping complex, make up the Tokyo Disney Resort. Tokyo Disneyland was replicated after Disneyland with a Cinderella Castle and Tokyo DisneySea  was designed with an ocean theme. These parks, owned and operated by OLC, are the only Disney theme parks not controlled by the Walt Disney Company. The Tokyo Gift Cards sold inclusive of the additional locations are considered the Second Series. The initial notes were distributed over 4 runs.

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History of Tokyo Gift Cards

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Mickey Mouse Cones

Early 1930's - 1933

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Tokyo Dollars

International Notes

First Release

Tokyo Sea and Land Notes

Different Releases

Tokyo Notes

The four versions are based on the information shown below.

1st Release in 1988

Copyright (front): ©1988 The Walt Disney Company 
2nd Release in 1989

Copyright (Back): © The Walt Disney Company
3rd Release in the 1990's

Copyright (Back): © Disney Enterprises, Inc.
4th Release in the 1990's

Copyright (Back): © Disney 

Current Release


Still issued and offered in many denomination this is where to find them.. The First Series notes are the most limited in supply as they are no longer produced. As the Second Series Mickey and Donald were issued they became the staple notes at the Tokyo Parks and are still being printed today. Over time there were also some special edition notes printed such as the 15th Anniversary which was printed in 2016.

In addition you had Nemo & Friends printed to promote the upcoming attraction in 2017, followed by the Holiday Series celebrated  Christmas in the same year. The final note listed in our guide is The 35 Happiest Celebration! was printed in 2018 for the Anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland. Please understand notes are still being produced today none of significant value or rarity yet but not all through the parks.

Out of all the Tokyo Gift Cards there is only one B Series that was on the first issue. It is shown below and one of the most valuable and rare of all the versions.

Tokyo Dollars - 500 Yen

 First Series 500 Yen - Series A

500 Yen First Series Disney Dollars A01F 0016454 7 Front.jpg
500 Yen First Series B Disney Dollars A01F 0016454 7 Back.jpg
500 Yen First Series Disney Dollars A01F 0016454 7 Back.jpg

The first series from Tokyo the sea came in two versions. Series A and Series B. You can identify the difference based on the castle placement on the back. As you can see the second series is off center to the left.

 First Series 500 Yen - Series B

Envelopes and Holders


Envelopes in Tokyo Disney were more prominent than the ones for most US dollars. See below for some examples of how they were stored.

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