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Introducing The Complete History of Disney Dollars

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Pirate Series "Disney Dollars"

In 2007, Disney expanded the promotional marketing Disney Dollars, and on March 18, introduced two Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC) Disney Dollars celebrating Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest. May 15, was the release of the At World's End Disney Dollar, coinciding with the theatrical release on May 25.

The first two POTC films, Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest, were massive successes. The marketing based release of the Empress Disney Dollar seemed to work;  At World's End sailed right past the first two POTC movies to become the most successful POTC movie to date.

The entire Pirate Series were denominated as $1 notes differentiated by unique serial numbers for each themed note.  The Prefix changed to E (Disneyland) and F (Walt  Disney World).  The Suffix indicated the Pirate Ship featured on the reverse side of the note with B (Black Pearl), F (Flying Dutchman), and E (Empress). Check our our current inventory from this popular series below.

Educate yourself and enjoy the collecting experience!

Disney Dollars also celebrated the release of Pirates of the Caribbean. Below are examples of our in stock Pirate notes.  

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