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Princess Series "Disney Dollars"

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In 2007, Disney leaned into the marketing and promotional side of Disney Dollars. Each note carried a special seal for the 20th Anniversary of Disney Dollars. The Princesses were issued first.  This introduced the modern rendering of Princess Aurora as she would appear in the upcoming Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams.

Each princesses note features Cinderella's Castle peaking through a vignette of clouds on the back. Also Tinker Bell has been removed from the frame and is flying around the castle leaving pixie dust in her path. The 20th anniversary of Disney Dollars, 1987-2007, is commemorated with a special Seal. This was the only year that heroines were featured across all denominations. Check our our current inventory from this series below.


Educate yourself and enjoy the collecting experience!

The princess signify the three princesses over the years 2007. It was issued over the first edition of the printing that year. This first edition series commemorates the 20th anniversary of Disney dollars 1987-2007. Below are examples of the first introduction of the three princesses and the notes they are on are shown below.

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