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The History of Recreation Coupons

Learn about Recreation Coupons created between 1971 - 1972

As time passed Disney created a recreation coupon more like an actual dollar, as each had a unique serial number and the printed signature of the Chairman of the Board of Disney Roy O. Disney but were nonrefundable. They were issued to celebrate the opening of Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida in October 1971.  Many argue these to be the first Disney Dollars even though they had no actual cash value and were unable to be redeemed for cash.  They were produced in 1971 and 1972 but their use was limited to the Walt Disney World resort in Florida and mostly given to park guests and VIP’s. These coupons had limits as they were not valid in the Magic Kingdom section of the park.

Walt Disney World opened in 1971 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Guests at the Contemporary Resort were given a bonus of Recreation Coupons. These were not redeemable for cash, nor were they valid inside the Magic Kingdom. The monorail was free and there was little that these could be used for at the time. These coupons were the predecessor to the Disney Dollar of today. First issue of the first currency issued by Disney. This was 16 years before current Disney dollars test marketing the concept for VIP's and special guests.

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History of Recreation Coupons

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Recreation Coupons

1971 - 1972

Recreation sample.jpg

Above are both sides of the Operation M.O.U.S.E notes in a variety of colors

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These notes are highly collectible. Ungraded notes depending on condition can sell between 100 to 250 dollars on average where graded notes can increase their valued up to 4 to 5 times that amount. Understanding the grading process is important while the difference in price can vary significantly even based on a small grade difference. To learn more see our price guide to see current graded values of all the notes and a further detailed history of the notes.

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