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JNPDisney presents this 1988 'AA Series' Disney Dollar.  The front of this note features Goofy with closed eyes.  The back of the note features a composition of Disney attractions including the EPCOT geosphere, Cinderella’s Castle, the monorail, and the Mark Twain Riverboat.


This is a AA Series note distributed by Disneyland.


Graded PMG 65 Gem Uncirculated EPQ


Serial Number: A00012025A-A00012026A


1988 AA Series $5 Goofy Disney Dollar - PMG 65 EPQ

  • Grade - PMG 65 Gem Uncirculated EPQ

    Featured - Goofy

    Denomination - $5.00 

    Year - 1988

    Serial Number: A00012025A-A00012026A

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