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Introducing the most comprehensive Disney Dollar Experience Available

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When looking at Disney memorabilia, one can appreciate the time that goes into building a collection. We try to not just offer merchandise that you grew up with, but we want you to appreciate the nostalgia and history associated with it. Looking at the art of the Disney Dollars to understanding what collectors from new to experienced look for. We hope to provide you a worry-free experience to put you on the path to creating a great collection and enjoying the Magic of Disney.

Established in 2020 we have been fans of the history surrounding Disney and the nostalgia of growing up following the characters and Disney collectibles. We wanted to create a place where people can have fun and hold a piece of history with the dollars used in the Disney Parks, Cruises and locations. We provide great customer service and fast shipping.  Orders normally ship within one business day, available to the USA.

We like teaching people about the history of Disney dollars and making your experience fun and enjoyable, whether purchasing as a gift or for yourself. We offer First Day Issue and Stamp cancelled items, Graded and un-graded Disney dollars, Rare Collectibles, Pins, Flair and more...

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We are in the process of grading more notes and continuing updated on our website. Check the Coming soon tab for more expected items.

Featured Topics

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Shop By Year

We have one of the largest collection of Disney Dollars available on the market. Buying from a trusted source is important, as well as what to see and expect. You wont find a deeper understanding or more though explainations of what your purchaseign anywhere. So whther your looking for a specific item or just adding to your collection we have notes for all levels. Click here to view by specific years and narrow down your search. 

Pins & Flair

View our selection of must-have pins and flair for any collector and the Disney enthusiast. Our pins feature many unique and colorful designs that captures the magic of Disney. These pins are perfect for adding to a collection or for trading with other Disney fans. Whether a fan of Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or any other Disney character, you can find something for everyone. Our mix of contemporary and classic designs are sure to bring a touch of Disney magic to any collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own some of these one-of-a-kind pins!

Rare Collectibles

These are some of rarest items not just related to Disney Dollars. See our collection of items we picked out just because they were cool or hard to find.

The History

Looking to get a better understanding of Disney Dollars and related notes. Learn about the history and the process which they evolved from. Also check out our featured topics on other rare and collectible notes.

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