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This is a 1987 $1 Disney Dollar featuring Mickey on the front and Sleeping Beauty's Castle on the back. This is a proof so their is no serial number. It was cut from the sheet of 18 notes.


In 1987 Disney produced 2 series of notes, Series 1987 and Series 1987A (latter half of the year).  This is a Series 1 note that states, "May be used as legal tender only at Disneyland."


Graded PMG 63 Choice Unc EPQ 

" RARE" 1987 Mickey 1st Series Proof $1 Disney Dollar - PMG 63 EPQ

  • Grade - PMG 63 Choice Unc EPQ
    Featured - Mickey
    Denomination - $1.00 
    Year - 1987 (Series 1)
    Serial Number: Proof

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