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JNPDisney presents this 1987A Disney Dollar.  The AA Series was the 2nd issued Disney Dollar in 1987 following the popularity of the 1987 "A Series" sold in Disneyland.  The 2nd Issue (aka Type 2) included the expansion of the Disney Dollar to use as legal tender at Walt Disney World. 


The front of this note features the introduction of waving Mickey, who would be featured on many of the future Disney Dollars. The back of the note featured Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, which would also appear on many future Disney Dollars.  This is an “AA Series” note distributed by Disneyland.


*Minting Error* - In the production of this batch of dollars, the underprint (green background) was misaligned with the other printing plates.  This is visible in the bottom border of the front of the dollar.


Graded PMG 66 Gem Uncirculated EPQ


Serial number A00301014A



1987A "2nd Issue/Type 2" *Minting Error* Mickey $1 Disney Dollar - PMG 66

  • Grade - PMG 66 Gem Uncirculated EPQ

    Featured - Mickey

    Denomination - $1.00 

    Year - 1987A

    Serial Number: A00301014A

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