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The History of Disney Dollars

The most complete and up to date price guide that exists.

The Grading Process

Here is a short video covering the grading process from PMG (Paper Money Guarantee) for Disney Notes

The Grading Process

PMG (Paper Money Guarantee)

Receiving - Items received by PMG are checked and tracked with a Unique ID


Verification & Research - All the items are then Confirmed and Barcoded

Authentication - Any note received will go through the initial process of making sure it was determined to be 100% genuine

Attribution - Examined, Cataloged, and Recorded

Grading and Encapsulation - Examined under magnification by PMG Professionals and Secured & Labeled in a High-Quality Holder

Quality Control and Imaging - Reviewed and Confirmed, the Grades and Digital Images are Posted Online before they are packaged and shipped.

To learn more about graded notes vs non-graded notes: Click Here

Understanding Grading

PMG (Paper Money Guarantee)

PMG ID (Paper Money Guaranty)  - this is the reference number assigned by PMG to a specific Population.


Rarity - is determined by the size of the Population as well as the frequency of the availability on the public market.

PMG Grade - This benchmark makes the range of the price more accurate by limiting a quality variable.  The EPQ quality standard is a common threshold for many collectors. Every note must qualify with Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) to grade 65 or better.

Top Pop (Quantity) - The best-known grade of a specific Population along with the quantity graded at that level.

Population - The total number of notes graded by PMG for that specific Disney Dollar. These numbers vary drastically.

Block - indicates the Series of the Disney Dollar, based on the origin of the distribution. Aside from Proofs and Specimens, every Disney Dollar will have a serial number starting with a letter, Prefix, and possibly ending with a letter, Suffix. These determine the Block.

Grading Disney Dollars

Determining our pricing?

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG), a part of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for paper money according to Google at the time of this writing, 2023. The Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS) Banknote and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) are rated as "Superior" by the Professional Numismatists Guild. They verify the authenticity of the notes and determine the value based on the grade.

The most prominent place to buy and sell Disney Dollars is on eBay, an e-commerce website that offers auctions and shopping. Any graded listing must have been graded by an eBay-approved company such as NGC, PCGS, American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS), Independent Coin Graders (ICG), PMG, or Legacy Currency Grading.

Grading is based on a numerical scale, with a rating of 70 considered perfect. Most collectors look for notes graded at or above 64. Lower grade notes can still hold significant value based on rarity or the comparable grades in the Population (known universe of equivalent notes that have been graded). As grades approach the top level of the population, their values can increase exponentially.  

The JNP Disney Price Guide considers rarity based on Population, non-graded notes, and the value of the most collected grades. The pricing for the non-graded notes is based on what is believed to be in mint condition. The price of graded notes below PMG 65 will range between the non-graded price and the PMG 65 price. The price of graded notes above PMG 67 will increase exponentially relative to the “Top Pop” (highest grade known in the Population). The majority of Disney Dollars transact on eBay.  Our Market Values are determined by the trailing year of transactions on eBay’s database.

Building a collection of Disney Dollars is complicated.  This price guide will answer many questions that could save you from overpaying for a note.  At the same time, it can help you justify the cost of a rare note that may look the same as a common note. Educating yourself and avoiding misinformation will turn your hobby into an investment!

In depth information on all these area's including up to date pricing can be found in our price guide.

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