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JNPDisney Dollars

Introducing The Complete History of Disney Dollars

Presented by JNP Disney © 2020-2024

2005 Graded Disney Dollars 

2005 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Disneyland theme park.  Like every other milestone anniversary, Disney went above and beyond.  In this case, it was a global celebration across all Disney Parks.  The logo for the celebration has Tinker Bell spreading pixie dust from above an impression of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  Overlaying the castle reads, “Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.”  Below the castle is a ribbon that reads, “Happiest Celebration on Earth.”  2005 also marked the most variations of Disney Dollars along with the one-off $50 notes.  With the exception of the Chicken Little notes, all 2005 Disney dollars were adorned with the celebratory logo on the front left and confetti all over the front of the notes.  The back of the Anniversary notes highlight Tinker Bell in full color and show Sleeping Beauty Castle in 50th Anniversary garb representing the Disneyland Resort separating 1955 and 2005 on the back.  Below the castle, the ribbon reads, “Disneyland Resort – The Happiest Place on Earth.”

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